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Frequently asked questions about our car detailing services.

  • How do I book an auto detailing service?
    You can book a car detailing service by Booking Online. From there, all you need to do is select your desired time and date. Alternatively, if you’d like to be booked even faster, please call or text (214)-843-0997.
  • What makes auto detailing different from a drive in carwash?
    Car washes remove surface-level dirt and debris from your car’s exterior and interior. Car detailing uses hand washing and professional machines to protect the integrity of your vehicle while providing a deep clean to the exterior and interior. Auto detailing goes beyond surface dust and cleans every nook and cranny of your vehicle leaving it feeling just like new. Auto detailing protects the value of your vehicle and should be scheduled every 3-6 months while car washes should be done on a weekly to monthly basis.
  • Do you come to me?
    Yes, we operate a mobile car detailing service. All we need is access to a water spigot or a garden hose. We service all DFW Areas.
  • Do you need access to water?
    Yes, we will need access to a water garden hose or a spigot.
  • Do I really need wax on my car? What does it do?
    Applying high-quality car wax provides a number of benefits. Your car will be easier to clean while the wax is present, water will bead up and roll off of your car, bug guts and tree sap will not bond to your paint, and the wax will provide UV protection. It is not necessary to have wax on your car, but it will provide protection that will prolong the life of your car's exterior and clear coat.
  • Do you charge a travel fee for mobile car detailing services?
    If you are booking mobile car detailing within 20 miles of Allen, there is no travel fee. However, if you are located outside the 20 miles range, we will charge a small travel fee just to pay for gas and car maintenance. Typically our fee is ¢64 per mile (the national average).
  • How often should I get my vehicle detailed?
    It really depends on how well you want to maintain and protect your investment, how often you wash your vehicle if it’s garaged or parked outside, etc. We suggest getting a complete interior and exterior detail done twice a year, with Mini Details or wash and wax services done as needed

Still Have Questions?

Leave us your question in the form below. You can also contact us at our phone number.

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